Project Humanity

Case 01 Cross-Lingual

To enable communications in spoken language while wearing a ventilator, we synthesized and reproduced a person's voice using text-to-speech technology from very few past video recordings.

This technology also enables communication in multiple languages using the tone of user's own voice.

≫ Cross-Lingual Speech Synthesis Platform (Japanese)

Case 02 All Players Tool Lab

In ALS where the mobility of limbs gradually weakens, eye gaze is an important means of communication. Gaze control is superior to mouse or touch input in that it allows for very free and delicate movement. Therefore, we have developed a new eye-gaze performance system that allows everyone to become a player by taking advantage of the characteristics of the line of sight.



Shooting Pad


Case 03 New Communication Tool Using Electromyography Signal

With ALS, even after loss of limb mobility, electromyography signals can be observed for a relatively long period of time. Electromyography signals can be a new means of communication in limited mobility.

Therefore, we have developed a tool that detects minute changes in the electromyography signals of limbs and converts them into the motion of an avatar in the metaverse. ALS has been thought of as a disease that causes loss of physical abilities, but with this tool we aim to change that common belief.

≫ Efforts Concerning Enhancement of Human Ability to Achieve the Remote World